Presidential Aspirant Donald Duke speaks on Biafra, Nigeria and Restructuring

Presidential Aspirant Donald Duke speaks on Biafra, Nigeria, Buhari's Government and Restructuring.
Presidential Aspirant Donald Duke
Presidential Aspirant Donald Duke

Former Governor of Cross River State, South south Nigeria Donald Duke has declared his interest to run for the office of the President of Nigeria in the 2019 General Elections.

In February 2019, Nigerians will head to the polls again. President Muhammadu Buhari already said that he wants to run for a second term. But there are still a lot of open questions about who will run on the side of the opposition. In an exclusive interview with DW’s Adrian Kriesch, former governor of Cross River State declares his intention to run. He is a member of the major opposition party PDP and the Coalition for Nigeria Movement, but did not want to confirm under which platform he plans to run. He also talks about the "obvious failings" of the Buhari administration and what he thinks about the current Biafra agitations.

When asked questions on Biafra Donald Duke said he doesn't believe in Biafra and that it was a dream for another generation. He stressed that it was inpoimpor to make Nigeria work and work for all.

Also on the issue of restructuring, he admitted it was important to restructure and make the country responsive to changing dynamics in the management of a country.

He also answered questions partaing to TINAPA and why it was not sustained as well as his rice importation business.
He blamed the past administrations in Cross River State for not continuing the TINAPA Project which the interviewer now described as a white elephant project.

He scored PrrsPresi Buhari very low stating that Buhari and his party APC were not prepared for governance. He promised to end gas flaring by converting the gas to industrial energy use, reduce borrowing interest rate to single digits and cretcr jobs.

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