Nigeria's Muslim North protest against Trump, USA and Israel

Abuja - Protest Against The American President Donald Trump over Jerusalem.
Nigerian muslims Protest against USA, Trump and Israel
Nigerian muslims Protest against USA, Trump and Israel
There is Ongoing heavy protest in city of Abuja as I write. numerous like Sand, The Islamic Community of Nigeria today Join Other Arab countries of the world in protest against the Support of America's President in Supporting the People of Israel in moving the Capital of Israel to Jerusalem. As I can cover the protest where they started it I don't know and where to end it I don't know. The  Palestinian flag can be seen unaccountable flying high while the Isreali and American flag were painted blood and they were rolling it on the Road While shouting And chanting Free Palestinians, free our brothers.
In my own little findings they coming up from direction of Abuja National Mosque Matching toward wuse- Begger. They were following by Men of Nigeria Police Force.
Various Media are following.

Source: Gilbert Okeke


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