Igbo Nigerian Soldiers mock Bokoharam in Sambisa Forest (Video)

Bokoharam Terrorists are on the run as Nigerian Soldiers overrun Sambisa Forest. The video shows Igbo Nigerian Soldiers mock Bokoharam in Sambisa Forest as Bokoharam Terrorists and their leader were no where to be found.

The soldiers who were chanted in Igbo language said they were ready to destroy Shekau the Bokoharam Leader.

The soldiers who were very excited said:
"we have entered Sambisa Forest Camp 0, Shakayamutu. Army has entered Sambisa Forest and Abubakar Shekau is on the run. Where Shekau is running to we do not know. Shekau and running are now partners. Where is Shekau running to. Mad people (Army) are now Kings and peace have returned to the land. The land is now good because mad people are now kings.

They later spoke in Hausa saying 'Shekau ya mutu'. One of the soldiers now asked in Igbo Language 'what do we call this? and another replied Soldiers have entered Sambisa Forest and Shekau took to his heels. They further chanted an Igbo Proverb which says 'The Glory of a Lion Guides and Secures a Lion' (Ebube Agu na echekwa agu).

We (Nigerian Soldiers) told Shekau and Bokoharam to stay and wait for us that we are coming but he shamelessly ran away, where is he running to?

One of the soldiers then said in Igbo language that he will throw him grenade and that what they throw is grenade."

Bokoharam is an Islamic Terrorist Group operating in Northeast Nigeria with headquarters in Borno State and has killed more than 30, 000 persons.
Nigerian Military have been engaged in this war with the insurgents and terrorists since 2009.

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