Genesis of Yorubas are morons by Vanguard Editor and reactions

The Editor in Chief of Vanguard Newspaper Mr Nnanna Ocherome has described the Yoruba ethnic group of Nigeria as politically sophisticated morons in a private conversation with a friend on social media.
Yorubas are sophisticated morons
Reactions have trailled the comment with vanguard newspaper dissociating itself from the comment.

Mr. Ochereome Nnanna, Chairman Editorial Board of the Vanguard newspapers, has described the Yorubas as "sophisticated morons". Nnanna made this assertion in his reply to a post on Facebook. Areh Sunday, a journalist and an aide to Delta State Governor, while reacting to President Muhammadu Buhari's declaration of June 12 as Democracy day on Thursday had gone to his Facebook page to express his disappointment in Yorubas for falling for the antics of the government of the day. 

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