President Trump and USA Officially Withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal

The United States President Donald J. Trump has officially withdrawn the United States of America from the Iran Nuclear Deal.President Trump made this known in a state broadcast where he accused Iran of sponsoring terrorism both directly and in proxy.
US President Trump, Former USA President Obama, Iran Leader Rouhani
Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Hassan Rouhani

Trump said we cannot put the world's most dangerous weapon into the hands of Iran that chants death to the United States of America and ranks number one as the biggest state sponsor of terrorism around the world.
Trump accused Iran of sponsoring terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah in Lebanon, Al-Qaeda, and the Taliban.

Furthermore, the United States has threatened sanctions on any country that works with Iran on any Nuclear Deal including its European Allies who have criticized Trump over his decisions to terminate and withdrawal from the deal.

Only recently the Israeli Government accused the Iranian Regime of using the Nuclear Agreement to develop Nuclear Weapons which goes contrary to the Nuclear Agreement. The Nuclear Agreement was supposed to enable Iran use nuclear resources in the generation of energy and power and not for the development of nuclear weapons.

The Iran Nuclear Deal was a signature achievement of the Obama administration spearheaded by former Secretary of  State John Kerry. President Trump faulted the deal as being one sided and incapable of checking the excesses of Iran. Trump has also advised John Kerry to stay clear from the deal as news has it that Kerry is making efforts towards modifying grey areas in the deal.

In reaction the Iranian Government has told President Trump not to withdraw from the deal claiming it has complied with all relevant sections of the deal. President Hassan Rouhani of Iran said his country would take no immediate action to restart uranium enrichment after President Trump announced the United States’ withdrawal from the nuclear deal.

The Iran Nuclear Deal is due for  renegotiation and renewal on May 12, 2018.

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