Paraguay Moves Embassy To Jerusalem After United States and Guatemala

Paraguay on Monday May 21, 2018 officially moved its Embassy in Israel from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem thereby becoming the third country after the United States of America and Guatemala.
Paraguay President Horacio Cartes and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Guatemala opened its Embassy in Jerusalem on May 19 few days after the historic opening of the United States Embassy in Jerusalem.
President Horacio Cartes of Paraguay was in Jerusalem to dedicate the embassy and he was received by his Israeli counterpart Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Paraguay operated an embassy in the Jerusalem suburb of Mevasseret Zion until closing it in 2002. It reopened an embassy in Israel in 2014, this time in a suburb of Tel-Aviv.
Romania, the Czech Republic and Honduras have said they are also considering doing the same.
Jerusalem is the host to the seat of Government of Israel, housing the Israeli Parliament, Judiciary. The May 14 USA movement of its Embassy to Jerusalem sparked violent protests from Palestinians on the Gaza border leading to the death of about 50 Palestinians with close to 2000 injured.
Israel was formed in 1948 after the second world war following a resolution by the United Nations Security Council. But in 1967 Israel annexed East Jerusalem during the Arab-Israel War popularly called the six days war.
Israel and Palestine have been at conflict with each other especially as regards East Jerusalem which the Palestinians hope to use as the capital of a future independent Palestinian State.
No country in Africa has made an official statement if it will move its Embassy including Nigeria.

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