Nobel Laureate Calls on USA and others to help end Killing of Christians in Nigeria

Nobel Laureate Professor Wole Soyinka has called on the United States and the rest of the International Community to help see to end of the ethnic cleansing against Christian Communities in Northcentral and Southern parts of Nigeria by Armed Fulani Herdsmen.
Professor Soyinka made this known in Makurdi Benue State when he paid a condolence to the Benue State Government over the killing of Christian worshipers in a Catholic Church in April who were buried on May 23, 2018. While addressing the group of writers that paid him a condolence the governor said the killing of the people of his state has continued unabated and he equally informed Professor Soyinka that 3 Persons way killed along Naka road on their way back from the burial of the Catholic Professor Soyinka in his own words said what was happening was a clear case of genocide against the people of Benue and by extension Christians.
President Buhari and Professor Soyinka

2 priests and 15 worshipers were Killed in a church in Benue when armed Fulani Herdsman invaded the church Killing several worshipers.

Reacting further, Governor Samuel Ortom said what was happening in his state Benue was a clear act of Jihad being carried out by the Muslim Fulani Herdsmen against the Christian Communities of Benue, Northcentral and Southern Nigeria.
The embattled Governor said there was nothing they could do to defend themselves because they have been disarmed by the Federal Government of Nigeria led by President Mohammed Buhari who coincidentally happens to be a Fulani man.

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