Man Kills Woman For Ritual in Lagos Nigeria ( Warning: Very Graphic)

There was pandemonium in Balogun Area of Lagos State Nigeria when residents of the area caught a man who killed his neighbour for Ritual.

The man from the information available killed his female church member and wrapped her in a bucket in the night before he was intercepted by passers-by.
Lagos State has been notorious for increasing ritual killings including the notorious Badoo Gang that has killed many people for rituals.

An eyewitness account of  the incident wrote:
This is balogun street in Oshodi Lagos State where a man  killed and butchered his female Church member.
He had already cut off the lady's head, breasts, and her intestines. He did  all these bcos of money and spiritual powers ,  but he was caught early yesterday morning at 4: 50 a m when he was trying to dispose the corpse of the innocent lady.
Watch the videos and confirm it urself.  May God continue to guide us and keep us away from harm and  Evil people.

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