Igbos Convene Summit on Restructuring of Nigeria on May 21

The Apex Igbo Socio-political Association Ohaneze Ndiigbo has convened an Igbo Summit on the Restructuring of the Nigerian State. The summit will hold in Awka the Anambra State capital on Monday May 21, 2018. The Chief Host of the summit is the Governor of Anambra State Willie Obiano while the former Governor of the Nigerian Central Bank Professor Charles Soludo is the Chairman of the Organising Committee and Professor Chigozie Ogbu as the Secretary of the Organising Committee. The venue of the event is at Ekwueme Square Awka Anambra State and it is to commence at 9am in the morning.
Ohaneze Ndiigbo Summit on Restructuring of Nigeria
The President General of Ohaneze Ndiigbo Chief Nnia Nwodo has been at the forefront of the advocacy for a restructured Nigeria along the path of equity, justice and fairness especially with the Igbos being grossly marginalised in Nigeria. The summit which is titled "South East Nigeria Summit on the Restructuring of Nigeria" is to among other things articulate position and expectations of the Igbos in a restructured Nigeria towards true federalism.

The Nigerian State has been accused of operating a unitary system of government in the guise of federalism. The 1999 constitution on which the current democratic government in Nigeria runs has been adjudged a Military document because there was never a time Nigerians came together to enact the 1999 constitution.
The South East region of Nigeria is comprised of five states of Imo, Abia, Enugu, Ebonyi and Anambra which are homogeneous and 100% native Igbo population. There are also other Igbo Communities in the Niger Delta and Middle Belt regions of Nigeria.

The lopsided nature of the Nigerian State has given rise to several agitations in the country such as the Militancy in the oil richNiger Delta Region, the call for an independent State of Biafra in the East as well as the ravaging of the country by several ethnic and sectarian crisis.

Meanwhile the Indegenous People of Biafra IPOB have been at loggerhead with Ohaneze Ndiigbo on the issue of the Nigerian State. While the IPOB are advocating for an independent State of Biafra, the Ohaneze Ndiigbo are advocating for a restructured Nigeria.

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