The Many Sins of Presidential Aspirant Sowore - By Kelechi Young

Somebody tell Omoyele Sowore that.. "Mkpahari ya, ezuola biko!.." (the insult is enough)
Yes we want youths.. Yes we advocate for youths. But not every youth be youth.. The youth we want is not a used youth.. .
The thing with Nigeria is they copy upside down. Countries are going for presidents between 30-50 does not mean we should go to Oshodi under bridge to pick up any àgbero and make him the King.
Antecedents should be checked.

Omoyele Sowore is one person I can never advocate for. My reasons are simple..
(1) it was him and his Sahara Reporters that constantly lambasted the Goodluck Jonathan's government of "particularly favouring Igbos".
He didn't consider the quality of technocrats in the government, rather he manured his arguments on anti Igbo scribbles. He never drew a list to compare and contrast what was in Jonathan with that in Buhari. Rather he flung his propaganda sword around just to cut down the southerners.. Favouring mediocrity over progression.
(2) I watched and listened to his arguments with the minister of information. Everybody on social media saw the "noisemakerness" side of the minister but none also commented on the pointless carelessness and uncoordinated positions of Sowore Omoyele.. Nothing in his yanks and yabs conforms to the shape of a president to be..
(3) Omoyele Sowore in agreeing on national tv that he helped with PROPAGANDA machines that toppled the PDP for APC shows that this is a man down with chronic myopism.. And cannot diffrentiate between a long term good and an imminent evil. I only believe that he didn't receive his own fat cheques from his coverage of Chibok and Boko Haram prompted all these hullabaloo from him.
(4) And in Sowore, we are back to the old order of "settle Igbos", "apologise to the Igbo Man".. This is not different from the recurring second Niger bridge manifestos.. Which only appears on election years.. That settle Ndi Igbo nonsense should be stopped immediately..
(5) What has Sowore in all his acclaimed years of sniffing around the polity, said about the structure, restructure, our enslaving constitution.. NOTHING!
Are we to forget that Sowore in 2016 through Sahara Reporter provided spurious stories to bring down Nnamdi Kanu whose struggle to liberate Igbos he was against. Sahara Reporters granted interviews to some foolish girls that Nnamdi Kanu was a fraud and published all sorts of online trash against him. They also abated Lai Mohammed's claims of a French bank account and purchase of arms.
And up till date never went against the killing of IPOB members nor gave the many court cases any coverage..
(6) we have again gotten to that time of the year, when any scam go to tell Igbos that they employ all their kits and kin.
Soon Sowore Omoyele Presidential Campaign Organisation! will tell us that his chief editor, writers, proof readers, gatemen etc are all Igbos.
He has been seen worshipping in both mosque and churches.. Thereby confusing himself and not us.. Maybe he practices MIXED religion..
(7) Until APC bit the hand that fed it with propaganda.. Sowore has been the one compiling list of discoveries for DSS and EFCC. All the Deziani Madueke, Patience Jonathan etc claims which he published but we never saw. He should come clear the air on it or continue his wallop in oblivion..
(8) It's on good record. Elder Godsday Orubebe during the announcement of 2015 election results, held up a page of the Sahara Reporters results published on social media while protesting even before Attahiru Jega announced them.
If Sowore did not help to forge those results, then Igbos don't need his apology.. We need an explanation of his complicity.
(9)We do not need confused youths to confuse us. We do not need youths that will give space for these retiring old men to laugh at us again.
Less than 300 days to the elections. Sowore do not have a party yet. Just parambulating and yanking PDP vs APC.
(10)Finally, it's a collective insult to the Igbo Man that any campaigns should be hinged on just bettering Igbos.. Igbos DO NOT need you to better them. We are BETTER already.. except you are suffering from dementia.. Just remove the PDP vs APC deviltry in you, allow Merit and competitive growth and then see Ala Igbo blossom like no other..

by Kelechi Inyere Young.

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