Summary of how to avoid Google Content Policy violation on your Blogs and Websites

I think having suffered a number of content policy violation from Google, I am better positioned to advise future bloggers and content developers on the right precaution to take in order to be successful. Alot of bloggers are not aware of these policies and as a result get turned down by Google when it comes to adsense approval. Not just every content is accepted by Google.

These are the steps to follow in order not to bridge or violate Google Content Policy.

Your ability to stay clear of the violation of these policies gives you better chance of participating in some of Google's solutions such as Adsense. The Google Adsense gives you the opportunity of earning revenue from your blogs and traffic but before you can get approval from google for adsense and ads to be placed on your blog then you must comply with the policies.

So it is very important you know these policies and the 'dos' and 'dont's' in order to have a successful business relationship with Google:
  • Do not add contents hosted by someone else without their knowledge and approval.
  • Do not use materials that are covered by copyright and if you must then you need permission from the copyright holder.
  •  Do not post contents that are hateful, violent, crude,discriminatory,harmful, promote drug abuse, promote alcohol abuse, tobacco contents promotion, 
  • Also do not add indulge in phishing and other contents that mislead users.
  • Do not add contents that display explicit imagery of violence, murder, gruesome acts as well as violence against animals.
  • Do not add contents that display and promotes weapons, weapons sale, its accessories and how to kill with weapons.
  • Do not add contents that promote gambling and explicit sexual materials.
  • Do not add contents and posts that promote examination malpractice, fake documents and documentation, promotion of financial advance fee fraud and hacking.
  • Do not add contents that promote child abuse as well child sexual abuse and pedophilia.
  • Do not add contents that promotes cracking of  software, applications, licenses and secured intellectual property of other people.
In summary, the long and short of it is keep it honest, moral, clean and socially and mutually beneficial.

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