Modu Sherif joins ruling Party APC, amidst alleged founding of Bokoharam

The former Governor of Borno State, Nigeria Ali Modu Sheriff has join the ruling party in Nigeria which is the All Progressives Congress APC.
The former Governor who has been accused of founding and sponsoring Bokoharam made the declaration to join the party of Mohammed Buhari after several failed attempts to become the Chairman of the opposition People's Democratic Party.
APC logo and Modu Sheriff

While as Governor Modu Sheriff was accused of arming the Bokoharam boys to achieve his political gains and later rewarded them with the position of Commissioner. The relationship between the former Governor and Bokoharam went sour when Bokoharam tried to overthrow the governor by any means necessary.

The executive committee of the ruling APC says it is willing to welcome Sheriff to the party but instead of a show mobilising supporters in Abuja to join the party rather he should go to his ward in Borno State and register.

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