Lawmakers Demand Impeachment of Buhari Over Breach of Constitution

The Nigerian House of Representatives have declared as impeachable offense the appropriation and withdrawal of money from the nation's treasury without the approval of the legislature.

In a motion moved by Representative Chinda called the infraction of the constitution by President Buhari as an impeachable offense.
Similarly, The speaker of the Nigerian House of Representatives Speaker Dogara has insisted that President Buhari Stole Nigeria's Money by spending$462 Million Dollars from the Nigerian Consolidated Fund without the approval of the Nigerian Senate and House of Representatives.

Ekweremadu, Saraki, Buhari
The fund in question was paid to an American Company for the purchase of weapons and other military hardwares including helicopters.
The Lawmakers decried the lawlessness exhibited by the Nigerian Government led by President Buhari as a bridge of Nigerian Constitution.

In view of this the Nigerian Lawmakers including the Senate have summoned the Minister for Finance, Minister of Defence and the Central Bank Governor.
The presidency in a swift reaction has said it carried out the unconstitutional withdrawal from the country's treasury in anticipation of approval from the Senate.
The unconstitutional withdrawal occurred three months before the lawmakers got an information about it.

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