Jihad Against Christianity in Nigeria: Either the Church Fights or it Dies


I know that Oyedepo is a very close friend to Adeboye. I also know that Adefarasin and Oyakhilome are tight pals. I have seen Catholic and Anglican Bishops winning and dinning together. I know Penticostal Fellowship of Nigeria PFN and Christian Association of Nigerian CAN hold round table meetings periodically.

Jihad against Christians in Nigeria
I have been wondering why all these Christian religious institutions and men of God cannot all come together to launch a campaign to put an end to the daily massacre of Christian communities in the north and middle belt. Are they only interested in tithes and offerings that they have failed to see that the Christian population is fast dwindling.
I have seen the video done by one Pastor Bosun some years ago, where he said it unequivocally that there was going to be an onslaught against christiandom and the church. Are we not seeing it happen. Boko Haram insurgents are Killing Christians in the north east while their comrades in form of Fulani Herdsmen are doing worse in the middle belt.

The Bible said that we must "WATCH AND PRAY". The Bible also said that we must "FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT". When are we going to stop closing our eyes to pray while the enemy is on rampage in our midst? When are we going to pick up arms and start fighting the good fight?
Our Lord Jesus Christ himself at a point was forced to pick up a stick and fought the good fight to chase away those merchants  defiling the temple. Yes... I am sure that Christ must have broken a lot of people's limbs, arms, heads and destroyed merchandise worth a fortune in his bid to fight the good fight.

Igbo si na "agha agbara ama ya anaghi eri ngworo". (A foretold war never consumes the cripple). We were warned of all these daily killings some years ago but we chose not to take it seriously. The war is on...yes it has started, be not deceived. 

"Okpara okpoko gburu, o bu nti chiri ya". (The grasshopper that allowed itself to be killed by a Foolish man died out of being hard of hearing or deafness).

Biafra or nothing.

Article by Chidozie Sampson

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