how to apply for german tuition free bachelors and masters degree programmes

German Education is very good and it offers a lot of Tuition Free Programs taught in English for International Students. Daily Seal has put together a list of universities in Germany with course taught in English Language that are tuition free for international students seeking to study in Germany. However, be informed that while studying in Germany, you’ll be required to finance your feeding and accommodation expenses. International students should budget roughly 600 Euros for their books, healthcare, food and registration. So in one year, an international student should expect to spend 9000 Euros on feeding, accommodation and books expenses.

Study and research in Germany.

Would you like to study in Germany? A great idea! you are welcomed to apply as it is open to all nationalities! Aren't you sure which university to apply to? Are you interested in doing a Masters, Bachelor or PhD and are looking for an appropriate programme? Or are you wondering how you can finance your stay, or how foreign students live in Germany and how they're supervised? We're happy to help you!


English Language Requirements
a) Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English
b) "International English Language Testing System" (IELTS) "Band 7"
c) TOEFL (paper-based) 587 points
d) "Institutional Testing Program for English Proficiency" (TOEFL ITP) 587 points
e) TOEFL (computer-based) 240 points
f) TOEFL iBT 94 points
g) Unicert (level 3)
h) C-1 Certificate according to CEF (Common European Framework)

Visa Requirements:

To obtain a German visa, you’ll have to show concrete finance proof of your ability to finance your accommodation and feeding expenses during your time of study. This can be done in either of two ways:
(1) Submit a letter of finances to the German consulate or embassy. You can obtain this sponsor letter from your parents or a German relative who is willing to sponsor your studies in Germany.
(2) Open a German blocked account and deposit roughly 7000 euro. This can only happen once you’ve received your letter of admission. This blocked account is opened in the German embassy.
For more information, visit a German consulate in your home country or check out their websites for further details.

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