First Female Medical Doctor in Igbo Land, Southeast Nigeria

Ada Priscillia Nzimiro (MD) Aged 27 was the First Female Medical Doctor in Igbo Land South East Nigeria.

Priscilia Nzimiro

Ada Priscillia Nzimiro was born in  April 30, 1923 in Port Harcourt, River State Nigeria.

Ada Priscillia Nzimiro is of the Igbo Ethnic Group from Ugwunta (popularly called Oguta) in the present day Imo State, Southeast Nigeria.

Ada Priscillia Nzimiro was born to the family of Richard Okwosa Nzimiro (father) and Mary Nwametu Onumonu (mother). Her father was a politician and the first Indigenous Mayor of Port Harcourt from 1956 to1959 till his death. Her mother Mary Nwametu Onumonu (1898–1993), a wealthy merchant who traded in Palm Oil, Political Activist, and member of the National Council of Nigerians and Cameroons NCNC who galvanised Igbo women for the Biafra war between 1966 - 1970. She lost all her landed properties in Port Harcourt after the war due to anti-Igbo sentiments and the abandoned property saga.
Nwa Ada Pricilia Nzimiro
Education and Career: 
Ada Priscillia Nzimiro studied Medicine at the University of Glasgow in the United Kingdom, and was the first Igbo woman doctor using modern medical practices in the Igbo region of Eastern Nigeria after her graduation in 1950. She left Nigeria for The University of Glasgow in 1945 to study Medicine and she graduated with a Bachelor of Medicine (MB) and a Bachelor of Surgery (ChB) in 1950.

Ada Priscillia Nzimiro died on  March 22, 1951 at the youthful age of 27 after suffering from a strange and yet to be identified illness. She died barely a year after returning from United kingdom to Nigeria at the end of her studies in 1950.
In her honour after her death, the William Wilberforce Academy which was the first of two secondary schools her parents established at Ugwunta (Oguta) in 1945 was renamed Priscilla Memorial Grammar School.Her achievements medicine made her a source of inspiration to other young people.

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