Defend Yourselves or Die - Igbo, Niger Delta, Yoruba, Middlebelt Leaders Tell Nigerians

Following the continued killing of defenseless Nigerians by the Fulani Herdsmen which has gone unabated, the leaders of the various ethnic groups in Southern and Northcentral Nigeria has called on Nigerians to adopt self defence.
Southern Leaders of Nigeria
The Leaders of Igbo ethnic group represented by Ohaneze Ndiigbo, the Yoruba represented by Afenifere, the Niger Delta and the Middle Belt made this known in Delta State Nigeria When they held a meeting on the state of the Nigerian State and the failure of President Mohammed Buhari to stop the constant killing of people in Benue, Nasarawa, Kogi, Kaduna and Taraba States.

In a press statement given by the President of Ohaneze Ndiigbo John Nnia Nwodo he called on Nigerians to defend themselves or be Killed in cold blood.
He further called for the redeployment of all District Police Officers to their states of origin in order to ensure better security of lives and properties.

Fulani Herdsmen have been responsible for series of killings in Nigeria Christian Communities with more 10,000 People killed so far.
President Buhari has failed to declare the Fulani Herdsmen a Terrorist Group despite the outcry from Nigerians.

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