Senator Dino Melaye Recall: Fraud and Confusion at Polling Unit (Video)

 This is one of the polling units where the Election is going on for the recall of the Senator representing Kogi West in the Nigerian Senate, Senator Dino Melaye.
The people here are angry with the electoral fraud that has taken place.

An angry Okun man in Kogi West stormed Polling Unit and demanding a serious Answer from the INEC officials how come his name and his signature appeared on the list.

Bishop of Winners Church calls Buhari a failure, accuse him of complicity in Benue

Bishop Oyedepo
The Bishop of Foundation Faith Church popularly called Winners Chapel has taken a swipe at Nigeria's President Buhari calling him incompetent and an abater of killing of Christian Communities in the minority regions of Northern Nigeria.

Click below to watch.

Bishop Oyedepo said this during a church service at the Cannan Land Headquarters of the church in Lagos Nigeria.
The Bishop called Buhari "Talk is Cheap" president who has failed on all his promises.

Igbos will benefit more from the defeat of President Buhari in 2019 - President Obasanjo

Buhari and Obasanjo
Igbo Will Benefit More In Buhari’s Ouster –Obasanjo

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo on Wednesday asked the people of the South East geopolitical zone to vote out President Muhammadu Buhari in the 2019 general elections “in their own interest .”

Speaking at a meeting of the Coalition of Nigerian Moment in Awka, Anambra State, Obasanjo said the Igbo would be the most beneficiary in Buhari ’ s ouster .

He asked the Igbo not to believe the promise that the Igbo would produce the President in 2023 , describing it as “a grand deceit and evil machination. ”

Speaking through the South East convener of CNM , Dr. Okey Nwosu, the ex - president asked the people of the zone to “collectively work with the CNM towards ousting Buhari from office in the 2019 general elections .

He accused the All Progressives Congress government of perpetrating “carnage and wanton destruction of lives and property across the country .”

He said , “The meeting is a wake - up call for Nd ’ Igbo to dump APC and collaborate with CNM , which is the best alternative for their rescue from poverty , hunger, recklessness and ethnic cleansing in the hands of the Hausa/ Fulani marauders.

“Every Nigerian leader is very much embarrassed with the state of the nation where people are attacked , killed , raped and made refuges in their own homes .

“Political leaders must advocate action against these senseless killings and seek how to design a new democratic action plan to ensure we take care of this conundrum democratically , and say , ‘ Enough is enough . ’

“If unchecked , these unethical activities will lead to the destruction of the country . It does not augur well for Nigeria’ s development .”

He said the objective of CNM was mostly on how to “sack Buhari from Aso Rock in 2019 and ensure that a visionary government is elected .”

He added , “Nigeria’ s eminent personalities , including Generals Yakubu Gowon , Ibrahim Babangida and T. Y. Danjuma have all spoken and condemned the killings and destruction in the country .

“If these people can say that the nation needs to be saved from these calamities, the South- East geo - political zone must add their voice to the clarion call .”

He said the CNM had mobilised no fewer than five million Nigerians to realise its objectives in 2019.

Another 7 Christian Worshippers Killed in Benue Church by Fulani Herdsmen

The attack and Killing have a continued unabated with the recent being the last evening massacre of Christian worshippers who were taking refuge in a church in a Church in Benue State, Nigeria.

The worshippers were Killed in an evening raid on the church by Fulani Herdsmen with the total number of people killed totalling seven (7).

Earlier in the week 19 worshippers were Killed in a church in the same Benue State including two Catholic Priests.

Nigeria Economic Council Bans Open Grazing by Herdsmen recommends Ranching

The National Economic Council (NEC) Committee on the Herdsmen Farmers clash headed by the Governor of Ebonyi Dave Umahi has recommended a ban on Open Grazing by Herdsmen.

National Economic Council (Umahi on Red Cap)
The committee while submitting their reports and recommendations yesterday in Abuja recommend Ranching as the best form of cattle rearing and animal husbandry.
To facilitate that the NEC Committee further recommended the following:
States greatly hit by the crisis are to provide land for ranching.

New breeds of cattle with better productivity and milk production.
Niger State had already provided land for ranching and Benue, Zamfara, Taraba States which have implemented ban on Open Grazing are equally expected to make land available.

Modu Sherif joins ruling Party APC, amidst alleged founding of Bokoharam

The former Governor of Borno State, Nigeria Ali Modu Sheriff has join the ruling party in Nigeria which is the All Progressives Congress APC.
The former Governor who has been accused of founding and sponsoring Bokoharam made the declaration to join the party of Mohammed Buhari after several failed attempts to become the Chairman of the opposition People's Democratic Party.
APC logo and Modu Sheriff

While as Governor Modu Sheriff was accused of arming the Bokoharam boys to achieve his political gains and later rewarded them with the position of Commissioner. The relationship between the former Governor and Bokoharam went sour when Bokoharam tried to overthrow the governor by any means necessary.

The executive committee of the ruling APC says it is willing to welcome Sheriff to the party but instead of a show mobilising supporters in Abuja to join the party rather he should go to his ward in Borno State and register.

What does the Church in Benue State want from the Igbos - Igbokwe

What does Rev. Father Moses Laripuu, the Director of Communications, Catholic Diocese of Makurdi want the Igbo/Biafran to do?
In October 2016, a group under the aegis of Conference of Minority Tribes of Nigeria (CMTN) led by one Comrade Samson Ayodele Balola issued a press statement threatening to take the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB to the ICC for allegedly masterminding the killing of Fulani herdsmen in Abia state and further called for a ban on the group which has been threatening the existence of Minority Tribes in Nigeria and the peaceful existence of the country. It turned out later that the claim of the killing of Fulani herdsmen in Abia state was false, not to talk of being carried out by the IPOB.

  Later in 2017, a group, Advocates for Social Justice for All (ASJA) staged a protest at the British embassy calling for the extradition of Nnamdi Kanu and ban on IPOB for threatening the peaceful existence of Nigeria.
Various groups from the middle belt started springing up demanding secession in response to the IPOB call for freedom of the Indigenous peoples from the grip of the Fulani if IPOB is not banned.
Finally IPOB was proscribed as a terrorist group and Nnamdi Kanu and his family chased under ground. (Kidnapped!)
IPOB and Kanu merely called for a democratic process where the indigenous people can legally express themselves via referendum vote to decide how they can exist as one in Nigeria or exit. They did not call for war. They did not invade any tribe and tried to coerce them with force.
Fulani herdsmen has upped their game of killing and massacre of the indigenous people of the middle belt since Muhammadu Buhari who is their grand patron came to power with full state support and protection.

Cross Section of Nigerian Priests

We now expect the reaction from Comrade Samson Ayodele's CMTN, ASJA or secessionist groups from the middle belt calling for a collective action against the murderous Fulani herdsmen, but they are nowhere to be found.
Father Moses Laripuu, in his statement on the killing of Catholic Church worshipers including two priests in Makurdi had lamented that the East (Igbo) is showing no sympathy in the ongoing killings by the Fulani herdsmen in Benue state.

The Igbo led IPOB was roundly condemned by all ethnic groups in Nigeria for threatening to break it up and cause war simply for asking for referendum. All the ethnic nationalities currently under the siege of Fulani imperialism should have used the window of opportunity provided by the IPOB to make their voices known and emphasize their right for freedom, but it seems the only thing that unite Nigerian minority tribes the most is when it is a case involving the Igbo. Ndi Igbo can not carry arm to go and defend Benue people. Doing so will attract them another unified gang up and massacre that occurred in 1966. Some will tag it that the Igbo want to take over the middle belt and conquer them. Senator Joseph waku had claimed the reason IPOB included Benue state in their struggle was that the Igbo do not have enough land space to accommodate their Biafra and may face subsequent hunger when they go, that's why they want to take over the state.

Dear, Father Moses Laripuu, the Igbo is not aloof. We have the greatest sympathy for your plight. But the problem is that the Igbo is incapable of doing what you ask them to do. We would have done our best if we had the means. The Igbo is not in control of the security forces of Nigeria. They are not the head of the federal government. Involving them in the ongoing crises in Benue would be to aggravate their own plight. They are yet to recover from the brutal massacre they suffered in the hands of fellow Nigerians in 1966. It'd be pertinent if you call on the umbrella groups that sprang up from the middle belt to oppose IPOB agitation to add their voices with the energy they did to IPOB to help in attracting the attention of the international community on what is going on in the region. Let them also march to the British high commission and other world embassies to protest the killings.
Ndi Igbo, East are not also safe from the Fulani marauders. Who knows when they are through with Benue, their next target may not be the East?
Rather than blame the Igbo and accuse them of showing no sympathy, blame the international community, CMTN, ASJA and RONDEL groups for keeping quiet.

By Okey Igbokwe

22 Soldiers killed, 75 injured and 59 Bokoharam killed in Lake Chad Operation

The Force Commander, Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF), Major General Lucky Irabor on Thursday April 26, 2018 revealed that  22 Nigerian soldiers have lost their lives while another 75 soldiers were injured during various operations to clear the Lake Chad BasinN'Djamena, Chad of Boko Haram terrorists.
Nigerian Army fighting Bokoharam

Speaking during a press briefing, Major General Lucky Irabor said that ‎about 59 terrorists have been killed in Action, while ‎5 of the terrorists were captured and 3 suicide bombers killed.

In a statement signed by Colonel Timothy Antigha, Chief Military Public Information of the ‎MNJTF N'Djamena, he stated that other items recovered from the suspects include 3 Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices which were destroyed.
Others include one each of 81 and 82mm mortars and bombs which was captured, ‎one 122mm Artillery gun and its prime Mover captured, 6 Gun Trucks which was destroyed.
"Fuel dump, food stores and communication platform were destroyed with several motorcycles also destroyed".

Antigha noted that Gashigar, Arege, and Metele areas have been cleared of terrorists.
Speaking on losses of the MNJTF, General Irabor said that  22 men were killed in action while 75 were wounded,  and a Scorpion tank and truck each were damaged.
Major General Irabor explained that the high casualty ratio of his troops was due to indirect fire and Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device attack by terrorists.

Biafrans mobilize for protest ahead of Trump's meeting with Buhari

The Indegenous People of Biafra are mobilizing their members and Igbos around the world for a mega protest ahead of the April 30, 2018 meeting between the United States President Donald J Trump and the Nigerian President Mohammed Buhari.
Buhari and Trump
According to the Twitter handle of Radio Biafra, thousands of Biafrans and Igbos are already travelling to the United States from all over the world for the event.

The Indegenous People of Biafra IPOB also held a protest in the United Kingdom during the Commonwealth Meeting of heads of Government where they demanded for a referendum for the people of Biafra to ascertain if they wanted to remain in Nigeria or become an independent State of Biafra.
The Twitter message from radio Biafra read:

Dialogue with Biafrans - United States Tells Nigerian Government

The United States of America has advised the Nigerian Government to dialogue with the Indegenous People of Biafra IPOB in a view to bringing lasting peace in Nigeria.

United States of America Seal
A United States Government official made this known ahead of President Mohammed Buhari's visit to the United States of America on April 30 2018 and also as Nigeria plans to take delivery of some military hardwares to fight the Bokoharam Terrorist Group.

The official of the US Government made this known during a briefing in which he said given the declaration of the Boko Haram as a terrorist group by the United States’ States Department, he was tasked on what approaches the US would take on issues between the Nigerian government and the Indegenous People of Biafra IPOB. 

He further stated that, “On IPOB, we see that there is an aggrieved population that would want to have its views heard and we will encourage that there should be dialogue. “We always encourage dialogue as we did with NDA (Niger Delta Avengers), PANDEF.

Defend Yourselves or Die - Igbo, Niger Delta, Yoruba, Middlebelt Leaders Tell Nigerians

Following the continued killing of defenseless Nigerians by the Fulani Herdsmen which has gone unabated, the leaders of the various ethnic groups in Southern and Northcentral Nigeria has called on Nigerians to adopt self defence.
Southern Leaders of Nigeria
The Leaders of Igbo ethnic group represented by Ohaneze Ndiigbo, the Yoruba represented by Afenifere, the Niger Delta and the Middle Belt made this known in Delta State Nigeria When they held a meeting on the state of the Nigerian State and the failure of President Mohammed Buhari to stop the constant killing of people in Benue, Nasarawa, Kogi, Kaduna and Taraba States.

In a press statement given by the President of Ohaneze Ndiigbo John Nnia Nwodo he called on Nigerians to defend themselves or be Killed in cold blood.
He further called for the redeployment of all District Police Officers to their states of origin in order to ensure better security of lives and properties.

Fulani Herdsmen have been responsible for series of killings in Nigeria Christian Communities with more 10,000 People killed so far.
President Buhari has failed to declare the Fulani Herdsmen a Terrorist Group despite the outcry from Nigerians.

Fulani Herdsmen Strike Again Kill 13 Persons in Guma, Tsav in Benue State

Nigeria: Herdsmen Strike Again Kill 13 Persons in Guma, Tsav in Benue State
The killing of citizens of Nigeria has continued unabated as Fulani Herdsmen have Killed more than 13 persons in Ali Gundu in Tsav Area of Benue State Nigeria.
Map of Benue State Nigeria
The Armed Fulani Herdsmen invaded the community in the early hours of today April 25 around 2:30am and opened fire on the residents of the community.
This is in addition to the 16 Christian Worshipers Killed 2 days ago.

Jihad Against Christianity in Nigeria: Either the Church Fights or it Dies


I know that Oyedepo is a very close friend to Adeboye. I also know that Adefarasin and Oyakhilome are tight pals. I have seen Catholic and Anglican Bishops winning and dinning together. I know Penticostal Fellowship of Nigeria PFN and Christian Association of Nigerian CAN hold round table meetings periodically.

Jihad against Christians in Nigeria
I have been wondering why all these Christian religious institutions and men of God cannot all come together to launch a campaign to put an end to the daily massacre of Christian communities in the north and middle belt. Are they only interested in tithes and offerings that they have failed to see that the Christian population is fast dwindling.
I have seen the video done by one Pastor Bosun some years ago, where he said it unequivocally that there was going to be an onslaught against christiandom and the church. Are we not seeing it happen. Boko Haram insurgents are Killing Christians in the north east while their comrades in form of Fulani Herdsmen are doing worse in the middle belt.

The Bible said that we must "WATCH AND PRAY". The Bible also said that we must "FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT". When are we going to stop closing our eyes to pray while the enemy is on rampage in our midst? When are we going to pick up arms and start fighting the good fight?
Our Lord Jesus Christ himself at a point was forced to pick up a stick and fought the good fight to chase away those merchants  defiling the temple. Yes... I am sure that Christ must have broken a lot of people's limbs, arms, heads and destroyed merchandise worth a fortune in his bid to fight the good fight.

Igbo si na "agha agbara ama ya anaghi eri ngworo". (A foretold war never consumes the cripple). We were warned of all these daily killings some years ago but we chose not to take it seriously. The war is on...yes it has started, be not deceived. 

"Okpara okpoko gburu, o bu nti chiri ya". (The grasshopper that allowed itself to be killed by a Foolish man died out of being hard of hearing or deafness).

Biafra or nothing.

Article by Chidozie Sampson

Biafra: IPOB in Mali for ECOWAS Court Case against Nigeria


The Indegenous People of Biafra IPOB members are fully on ground with their legal counsel at Bamako Mali waiting for the human rights abuses cases against the Nigerian Government to commence.

In the picture you can see the counsel to IPOB Barrister Ejiofor.

The Indegenous People of Biafra IPOB are fighting for an independent State of Biafra.

Full Details coming...

Nigeria: Lawmakers Summon President Buhari over Genocidal Killings

The Nigerian House of Representatives have summoned the President of Nigeria Mohammed Buhari to appear before it over the ongoing Genocidal Killings going on in Nigeria orchestrated by Fulani Herdsmen.

House of representatives
The motion of summon was raised by member representing Benue State and was supported unanimously by majority of the lawmakers.
The Killings have continued unabated with thousands of defenceless Nigerians killed in different parts of the country ranging from Benue, Zamfara, Kaduna, Nasarawa and Adamawa States.
Buhari (first floor the left)

The latest of the genocidal Killings is the killing of more than 19 persons including 2 Catholic Priests in Benue State on Monday April 23, 2018 in an early morning mass.
The Fulani Herdsmen have been responsible for series of killings and massacre of minority ethnic groups and Christians in Nigeria in what can be likened to an ethnic cleansing.

Nigeria: Protest Erupts in Benue over Church Massacre by Fulani Herdsmen

There is an ongoing protest in Benue state Nigeria capital city of Makurdi over the killing of two priests and 17 worshipers by armed Fulani herdsmen.

Protests erupted in major areas of the city as news of the attack filtered into the town. Some youths took to the streets, blocked roads and made bonfires. 

Among the victims killed by Fulani Herdsmen were two priests; Rev Fathers Joseph Gor and Felix Tyolaha, two primary school headmasters; Peter and Ape Chia, a secondary school principal; Michael Tor and 14 other worshipers.

The victims had gone to early morning mass at St Ignatius Quasi Parish when their attackers who had laid ambush on the community attacked them around 5.30 am and killed them. 

The Fulani Herdsmen extended their terror to other villagers burnt their houses numbering about 100. 

Angered by the news, youths took to the streets, blocked roads and made bonfires which caused tension.

Motorists and commuters diverted for alternative routes to get to their desired destination as schools quickly alerted parents/guardians to pick up their children/wards from schools even before closing hours. 

But, for the timely intervention of security operatives who took charge of flash points, the situation would have degenerated into lawlessness when corpses of the dead victims arrived Makurdi to be taken into the morgue.

Also, the Wadata, Wurukum and Modern markets were hurriedly closed even as other shops in the metropolis were also shut as hoodlums attempted to take advantage of the situation to cause more trouble.

Meanwhile, President Muhammadu Buhari has expressed condolence over the killings in the state.

The president’s condolence was published via his official Facebook page on Tuesday, April 24. He described the killing as despicable and unfortunate, adding that some persons were trying to stoke up religious crises in the country.

He however assured the people of Benue that the assailants will be caught and brought to justice.

Lawmakers Demand Impeachment of Buhari Over Breach of Constitution

The Nigerian House of Representatives have declared as impeachable offense the appropriation and withdrawal of money from the nation's treasury without the approval of the legislature.

In a motion moved by Representative Chinda called the infraction of the constitution by President Buhari as an impeachable offense.
Similarly, The speaker of the Nigerian House of Representatives Speaker Dogara has insisted that President Buhari Stole Nigeria's Money by spending$462 Million Dollars from the Nigerian Consolidated Fund without the approval of the Nigerian Senate and House of Representatives.

Ekweremadu, Saraki, Buhari
The fund in question was paid to an American Company for the purchase of weapons and other military hardwares including helicopters.
The Lawmakers decried the lawlessness exhibited by the Nigerian Government led by President Buhari as a bridge of Nigerian Constitution.

In view of this the Nigerian Lawmakers including the Senate have summoned the Minister for Finance, Minister of Defence and the Central Bank Governor.
The presidency in a swift reaction has said it carried out the unconstitutional withdrawal from the country's treasury in anticipation of approval from the Senate.
The unconstitutional withdrawal occurred three months before the lawmakers got an information about it.

Nigeria: Fulani Herdsmen Kill Catholic Priests 19 Others in Benue State

Fulani Herdsmen have continued continued their Killing spree unabated with the recent killing of 19 persons including 2 Catholic Priests in an earlier morning attack at a Catholic Church in Gwer in Benue State, Nigeria during the 5:30am morning mass.
The Catholic Priests killed are Rev Fathers Joseph Gor and Felix Tyolaha, in an early hour attack on St Ignatius Quasi Parish, Ukpor, Mbalom in Gwer West Local Government Council of Benue.

Armed Fulani Herdsmen

More than 10, 000 persons mostly Christians have been killed by the rampaging Fulani Herdsmen and the Federal Government of Nigeria led by President Buhari has refused to declare the Fulani Herdsmen as Terrorist Group despite the outcry from Nigerians.
The United States of America has declared the Fulani Herdsmen as the world's second most deadly Terrorist Group.

Igbo President may be solution to Nigeria's problems - Apostle Suleiman

Apostle Johnson Suleman has advocated for an Igbo  President come 2019 who will  steer things around for Nigeria. He stated this during the church service yesterday.
Apostle Johnson Suleman

"An IGBO President may just be Our solution to Jobs Creation and Economic Rejuvenation" Apostle Suleman

The Senior Pastor of Omega Fire Ministries Int'l, Apostle Johnson Suleman has proposed that Nigerians should vote for an IGBO President in the forth coming General Elections in 2019.

Making his case during his Sermon on Sunday at his Auchi Headquarter Church, the fiery Apostle said "An IGBO President may just be the solutions to the problems of Jobs Creation & Economic Rejuvenation".

He added that with the enormous vast prowess of the People of Eastern Nigeria they can turn very little to surplus. He also further stated that the IGBOs are the largest employers in the country with almost every IGBO man owning a business that is thriving.

Imo State Gov. Okorocha imposes N972 Million Naira Levy on Imo Youths

Imo state Nigeria Governor, Rochas Okorocha has instructed traditional rulers in the state to tax at least 2,000 'leviable adults' in their communities the sum of N3,000 as payment of Autonomous Community Adult Development levy.
A social media user, Chidi Odinkalu, took to his Twitter account (@ChidiOdinkalu) on Thursday, April 19, 2018, to share the letter which is believed to have been addressed to all the traditional rulers in the state.

In the letter dated, April 3, 2018, the governor directed all recognised Autonomous Communities in Imo state to pay the Minimum Adult Development Levy of N6 million.

Imo State Governor Rochas Okorocha
Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha (Twitter@GovernorRochas)
According to the letter, any traditional ruler who fails to achieve such a return into the government's purse will have their salaries and allowances suspended while their communities will be merged with 'sister communities' that meet their targets.

The letter was signed by Hon Louis O. Duru, the state's Commissioner of Community Government, Culture and Traditional Affairs.

The letter reads,

His Excellency, Owelle (Dr.) Rochas Okorocha OON, Executive Governor of Imo State has at several meetings with the Royal fathers reiterated his administration's resolve on the issue of payment of Autonomous Community Adult Development levy of N3,000 per adult.

To facilitate the payment, the State Government through the Ministry of CGC, since September 2016 had provided Community Adults Register for Autonomous Communities in the State where the Communities will enlist the names of at least 2,000 leviable adults.

Consequently, His Excellency, Owelle Anayo Rochas Okorocha has directed that all recognised Autonomous Communities in Imo State should pay the Minimum Adult Development Levy of N6,000,000 (six million naira only) without further delay.

Any recognised Autonomous Community that fails to pay the development levy will be merged with sister Autonomous Community that had paid and the salaries/allowances of the traditional ruler of the erring community will be suspended."

Hon. Duru also noted that the state government has concluded arrangement to embark on sensitisation meetings with traditional rulers at the local government areas to further emphasise Okorocha's directive and monitor compliance.

Total amount expected by the Governor is 6million * 6 Communities per local government*27 local governments in IMO State = 972000000

Biafra: IPOB Protests in Aba Nigeria, demand release of Nnamdi Kanu.

The Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB held a peaceful protest in Aba Abia State, Nigeria on April 22, 2018 to demand for the release of their leader Nnamdi Kanu who has been missing since September 2017.
Nnamdi Kanu and Mohammed Buhari
Nnamdi Kanu and Mohammed Buhari

IPOB is requesting the Nigerian Government to release their leader Nnamdi Kanu who they claim the Nigerian Military abducted in September 2017 after a military operation (code named Operation Python Dance)  in the hometown of  Afara Ukwu Umuahia that claimed more than 20 lives according to Amnesty International.
IPOB Protest in Aba
IPOB Protest in Aba

 According to a media wing of IPOB called   Umuchiukwu Writers, the report has it that IPOB are currently rallying now in Aba over the abduction of it's leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his parents, the extra judicial killings of its members, illegal detention of Biafrans and a call for referendum.

IPOB Protest in Aba
IPOB have been at the forefront of activism and campaign for an establishment of an Independent State of Biafra from Nigeria.

IPOB Protest in Aba
IPOB Protest in Aba

Biafra existed briefly as an independent State between 1967-1970 during which it fought a bloody civil war with Nigeria that claimed about 2 million Biafran lives and was later reunited to Nigeria in 1970.

Armed Bandits Kill 16 Persons in Basa Kogi State, Nigeria

No fewer than 16 persons have been killed by Armed Bandits in Basa Local Government Area of Kogi State, Nigeria.
Map of Nigeria showing Kogi State

The gun men invaded the community and opened fire before encountering the army and police who engaged them in an exchange of gunfire Killing 4 of the gunmen out of 15 of them.

The Many Sins of Presidential Aspirant Sowore - By Kelechi Young

Somebody tell Omoyele Sowore that.. "Mkpahari ya, ezuola biko!.." (the insult is enough)
Yes we want youths.. Yes we advocate for youths. But not every youth be youth.. The youth we want is not a used youth.. .
The thing with Nigeria is they copy upside down. Countries are going for presidents between 30-50 does not mean we should go to Oshodi under bridge to pick up any àgbero and make him the King.
Antecedents should be checked.

Omoyele Sowore is one person I can never advocate for. My reasons are simple..
(1) it was him and his Sahara Reporters that constantly lambasted the Goodluck Jonathan's government of "particularly favouring Igbos".
He didn't consider the quality of technocrats in the government, rather he manured his arguments on anti Igbo scribbles. He never drew a list to compare and contrast what was in Jonathan with that in Buhari. Rather he flung his propaganda sword around just to cut down the southerners.. Favouring mediocrity over progression.
(2) I watched and listened to his arguments with the minister of information. Everybody on social media saw the "noisemakerness" side of the minister but none also commented on the pointless carelessness and uncoordinated positions of Sowore Omoyele.. Nothing in his yanks and yabs conforms to the shape of a president to be..
(3) Omoyele Sowore in agreeing on national tv that he helped with PROPAGANDA machines that toppled the PDP for APC shows that this is a man down with chronic myopism.. And cannot diffrentiate between a long term good and an imminent evil. I only believe that he didn't receive his own fat cheques from his coverage of Chibok and Boko Haram prompted all these hullabaloo from him.
(4) And in Sowore, we are back to the old order of "settle Igbos", "apologise to the Igbo Man".. This is not different from the recurring second Niger bridge manifestos.. Which only appears on election years.. That settle Ndi Igbo nonsense should be stopped immediately..
(5) What has Sowore in all his acclaimed years of sniffing around the polity, said about the structure, restructure, our enslaving constitution.. NOTHING!
Are we to forget that Sowore in 2016 through Sahara Reporter provided spurious stories to bring down Nnamdi Kanu whose struggle to liberate Igbos he was against. Sahara Reporters granted interviews to some foolish girls that Nnamdi Kanu was a fraud and published all sorts of online trash against him. They also abated Lai Mohammed's claims of a French bank account and purchase of arms.
And up till date never went against the killing of IPOB members nor gave the many court cases any coverage..
(6) we have again gotten to that time of the year, when any scam go to tell Igbos that they employ all their kits and kin.
Soon Sowore Omoyele Presidential Campaign Organisation! will tell us that his chief editor, writers, proof readers, gatemen etc are all Igbos.
He has been seen worshipping in both mosque and churches.. Thereby confusing himself and not us.. Maybe he practices MIXED religion..
(7) Until APC bit the hand that fed it with propaganda.. Sowore has been the one compiling list of discoveries for DSS and EFCC. All the Deziani Madueke, Patience Jonathan etc claims which he published but we never saw. He should come clear the air on it or continue his wallop in oblivion..
(8) It's on good record. Elder Godsday Orubebe during the announcement of 2015 election results, held up a page of the Sahara Reporters results published on social media while protesting even before Attahiru Jega announced them.
If Sowore did not help to forge those results, then Igbos don't need his apology.. We need an explanation of his complicity.
(9)We do not need confused youths to confuse us. We do not need youths that will give space for these retiring old men to laugh at us again.
Less than 300 days to the elections. Sowore do not have a party yet. Just parambulating and yanking PDP vs APC.
(10)Finally, it's a collective insult to the Igbo Man that any campaigns should be hinged on just bettering Igbos.. Igbos DO NOT need you to better them. We are BETTER already.. except you are suffering from dementia.. Just remove the PDP vs APC deviltry in you, allow Merit and competitive growth and then see Ala Igbo blossom like no other..

by Kelechi Inyere Young.

Why I Converted to Islam - Igbo Pastor and Cousin of Senator (Gov.) Egwu

An Igbo Pastor and cousin of former Governor of Ebonyi State Senator Sam Egwu has converted to Islam and has given reasons why he left Christianity to become a Muslim.

Listen to him.

Photo of Igbo Pastor who converted to Islam
Photo of Igbo Pastor who converted to Islam

Environmental Disaster in the Nigerian Oil City of Portharcourt

Stopping the Soot: Calling a Spade by its Name

By Simeon Nwakaudu

Make no mistake, the prevalence of soot in Port Harcourt and some other Niger Delta communities is a sad reality that affects all, irrespective of status.

For several months, the soot has continued to  trouble residents, making life difficult for people over  the pollution of the air. There are clear indications that  there will be consequences should the soot continue unabated.

On this premise, the task to stop the soot is a very serious social responsibility that cuts across  party lines, social groups and economic interests.  It is a task that can only be achieved through a united platform, built on truth, transparency  and patriotism.

Fighting the soot is too serious to be left in realm of playing the ostrich and refusal to call a spade by its name. It is the tendency to play the ostrich that has negatively  affected Nigeria in several sectors.

At best, the campaign  to stop the soot has been politicised, fractured and left at the level of seeking attention, rather than addressing  the soot challenge. It has been reduced to seeking political advantage at the expense of the state.

At the level of the civil society, groups have different platforms and methods.  The confusion generated makes it difficult for them  to appreciate steps already  taken at the level of the Rivers State Government.

On 19th April 2019, the "stop the soot " march widely advertised via social media exposed the failure of the organisers  to hit the nail on the head. It further revealed the notorious subtle politicization of soot, with the nature of speech that the end the soot campaigners presented to the Rivers State Governor who was represented by his deputy.

The 14-point statement ran in circles and failed to seek concrete solutions to end the soot. The statement failed to boldly highlight the causes of soot, since "Oga will not be happy ".  The courage to speak truth to power was lacking in the presentation.

The campaigners amongst other things called on the State Government to prioritise the environment, propose a supplementary budget, conduct an environmental audit  of host and oil producing communities, force local government areas to implement sanitation laws and make local government areas use their security votes to provide local government monitors and whistle blowers.

They also called on the state government to start street health campaign, provide air quality readings and seek legal redress to compel the Federal Government to fund the Ogoni clean up.

All the points listed were steps already taken or are ongoing. None of the of the demands strikes at the heart of stopping the soot.  None  addressed the fundamental causes of the soot.

The only place the major culprit in this entire environmental mayhem was mentioned was where the campaigners urged the Rivers State Government to drag the Federal Government to court on account of the Ogoni clean up.  Governor Wike's stand on this is public knowledge.  He has mounted pressure for the Ogoni clean-up and lobbied repeatedly on all fronts.

At the National Economic Council, Governor Wike demanded the release of $1billion dollars from the Excess Crude Account for the resolution of environmental challenge in the Niger Delta and the execution of the Ogoni clean up.

The Rivers State Government has already carried out a detailed scientific investigation of the sources of the soot. The results  of this scientific research was shared with civil society organisations , environmental stakeholders and the National Council on Environment in 2017. Despite the deliberations on the soot, the APC Federal Government did nothing about the soot.

But, we cannot shy away from the truth, even if the campaigners are scared of the truth. The rest of the state remains committed  to ensuring that the soot ends. The  struggle is strategic.  It is methodical.  It goes beyond scoring cheap points.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Federal Government and her agencies are responsible for the soot.  That is the simple truth. There is no contrary data, anywhere.

Federal Regulatory Agencies like Department of Petroleum Resources, National Oil Spill Response and Emergency Agency (NOSREA)  and  Federal Ministry of Environment have failed to carry out their responsibilities.  This has been deliberate.

The Port Harcourt Refinery emits horrible gases into the atmosphere on a daily basis. This is  in addition to several oil production facilities flaring gases across the state.

The operation of illegal refineries is now part of our existence.  An Environmental Manager, Meshac Uyi said that majority of the illegal refineries are operated by security agents.  These illegal refineries throw up a huge percentage of soot.

Now, the uncivilized methods for the destruction of these illegal refineries by the security agencies also account for another high percentage of soot.

In terms of advocacy, Governor Wike has taken the fight to end the soot as a personal project.  He has  met with security agencies to change their methods of destroying illegal refineries.  The Governor also established a State Executive Council Committee to work with stakeholders to end the soot.

Only a few days ago, he met with a United Nations Delegation on the soot. He tabled the concerns of the government and people of Rivers State to the international community. 

Addressing a delegation of the United Nations at the  Government House Port Harcourt on Wednesday during a high-profile meeting  to tackle the soot, Governor Wike called on the United Nations to prevail on the Federal Government to act on the soot.

The governor said: "Thank God that the United Nations has come in view of the issues we have raised. We thank the United Nations for their concern on the Rivers Environment as it relates to the soot.

"If we must move on, we must situate the cause of the soot and the fact that the Federal Government has decided to make sure that a greater percentage of the state dies.

"The  Federal Government wants to eliminate a greater percentage of the state.  The problem of soot is not caused by the Rivers State Government.  It is caused by Federal Agencies. "

The failure of the Federal Government to take any concrete steps to end the soot is deliberate. Remember, all the levers of control are under the Federal Government.  The regulatory and security agencies to stop the soot are also under the control of the APC Federal Government.

That the campaigners swept the truth under the carpet on the day of their advertised march confirmed the political baggage that weighed them down. A baggage anchored in Abuja, the home base of Nigeria's worst performing government in history.  A Federal Government that sponsors the decimation of component parts. These campaigners  lost the opportunity to join hands with well-meaning patroits to resolve the soot challenge.

Their branded T-Shirts bore the inscription: "I am a soot slayer", turned this very serious health hazard into the "slay queen" fun on social media.

But to the Rivers State Governor and his administration, fighting to stop the soot is a solemn responsibility.  It will remain so till the soot is laid to rest.

Many Killed as Fulani Herdsmen Invade Guma in Benue State Nigeria

Fulani Herdsmen have killed 15 persons with several others were injured in  Uzughul, Tse Ginde, in Saghev council ward of Guma LGA, in Benue State Nigeria in the early hours of Saturday April 21, 2018.
Map Nigeria showing Benue State
Map Nigeria showing Benue State

Armed Fulani Herdsmen
Armed Fulani Herdsmen
The herdsmen invaded the community and went on a killing spree.  The attackers numbering over 20 set ablaze many shops and several houses, including that of one Dr. David Tsevende.

Community sources said the attackers wore military uniforms and drove into the village in a white Toyota Hilux patrol van.

After gunning down some villagers, the gunmen reportedly carted away assorted food items belonging to traders and farmers in the community.

How to Stop Unsolicited or Unwanted Text Messages from Nigerian GSM Providers

Now you can stop those unsolicited and unwanted text messages from GSM mobile operators that deduct your airtime, take up your memory space and disturbs your privacy.

An unsolicited message is that message that you did not subscriber to or you no longer want to be associated with even if you had subscribed before.
NCC, Airtel, Glo, 9Mobile and MTN
Nigeria Mobile Regulator and GSM Providers (NCC, Airtel, Glo, Etisalat now 9Mobile, and MTN)

In view of this the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) has released a set of numbers with which GSM (Global System of Mobile Communication) phone subscribers in Nigeria can use to stop unsolicited text messages to their mobile phones.
The code applies to all GSM providers in Nigeria including MTN, Airtel, Glo, Etisalat or 9Mobile, 
Phone SMS

The procedure is as follows: 
  • Text or SMS "STOP" to 2442 to stop all unsolicited text messages.
Other options include:

“SMS 1” for receiving SMS relating to Banking? Insurance/ Financial products to 2442.

“SMS 2” for receiving |SMS relating to real Estate to 2442.

“SMS 3” for receiving SMS relating to Education to 2442.

“SMS 4” for receiving SMS relating to Health to 2442.

“SMS 5” for receiving SMS relating to Consumer goods and Automobiles to 2442”

“SMS 6” for receiving SMS relating to Communication/ Broadcasting Entertainment/IT to 2442

“SMS 7” for receiving SMS relating to Tourism and leisure to 2442

“SMS 8” for receiving SMS relating to Sports to 2442
“SMS 9” for receiving SMS relating to Religion to 2442

Most Educated Footballers in the World With University Degrees

Football Stadium
Football is the most famous, and lucrative sports in the world with about 3 billion followers and fans. These are heroes of Academics and Football. These great footballers were able to go beyond football and work very hard to acquire education which is something very rare to find in the sporting especially football world.They make the list of most academically decorated football legends with degrees bachelor's Degree to Master's Degree and Doctorate Degree. Our focus will be on football players who attained a minimum of a Master's Degree either before their playing time, during their playing time or after their playing time.

Sócrates Oliveira:

Socrates Oliveira
Socrates Oliveira
Sócrates Brasileiro Sampaio de Souza Vieira de Oliveira, MD, simply known as Sócrates, was a Medical Doctor and a Brazilian footballer from the continent of South America who played as an attacking midfielder.
Course of Study:

Degrees Obtained:
Bachelors Degree(BSC)
Master's Degree (MSC)
Doctorate Degree (PhD)

Football Career:
1974–1978 -- Botafogo-SP
1978–1984 -- Corinthians
1984–1985-- Fiorentina
1986–1987 -- Flamengo
1988–1989 -- Santos
1989 --Botafogo-SP

Samuel Sochukwuma Okwaraji:

Samuel Okwaraji
Samuel Sochukwuma Okwaraji

Samuel Sochukwuma Okwaraji simply known as Sam Okwaraji was an Igbo Born Nigerian footballer from the continent of Africa who played as an midfielder for the Green Eagles (now Super Eagles) of Nigeria.Sam Okwaraji did not just play football as others did but he acquired quality University Education from the University of Rome, Italy graduating with a Masters Degree in Law and was Studying for his Doctorate Degree (PhD) in the same university before his untimely death in the field of play as a result heart attack in August 1989 during the 1990 World Cup qualifying match between Nigeria and Angola

University of Study
University of Rome, Italy

Course of Study:

Degrees Obtained:
Bachelors Degree(BSC)
Master's Degree (MSC)
Doctorate Degree PhD (Inconclusive as a result of heart attack he suffered and died in the field of play in 1989)

Football Career:
Okwaraji had a career in Europe which included playing for AS Roma (1984-1985), NK Dinamo Zagreb (1985-1986), Austria Klagenfurt (1986-1987), VfB Stuttgart (1987-1989) and SSV Ulm 1846 (loan) (1987-1988).

Iain Dowie (Masters in Engineering):
Iaine Dowe
Iaine Dowe

Iain Dowie is a football manager, sports pundit and former Northern Ireland international footballer. He played as a striker from 1983 until 2001, notably in the Premier League for Southampton, Crystal Palace and West Ham United.

He studied at the University of Hertfordshire where he obtained a Master's Degree in Engineering.

EdwinVan Der Sar (Master of Sport Management):

Edwin Vander Sal
Edwin Vander Sal

Other Footballers who also had University Degrees include:

 David Wetherall got a First Class in Chemistry, from the University of Liverpool.
David Wetherall
David Wetherall

Steve Palmer has a degree in software engineering from Cambridge
Steve Palmer

Steve Heighway (Bachelors Degree in Economics)
Steve Heighway

Slaven Bilic (Bachelors Degree in law)
Slaven Bilic

Shaka Hislop (Bachelors Degree in mechanical engineering)
Shaka Hislop

Steve Coppell (Bachelors Degree in Economics)
Steve Coppell

Richard Hinds (Bachelor's in law, Open University)
Richard Hinds

Arsène Wenger (Bachelor's Degree in economics)
Arsene Wenger
Gudni Bergsson (Bachelor's Degree in law)
Gudni Bergsson
Oliver Bierhoff (Bachlor's Degree in Economics).
Oliver Bierhoff

Mike Emenalo (Bachelor's Degree in Economics from the University of Boston USA).

Mike Emenalo