USA: President Trump Fires Secretary of State Tillerson To be Replaced by Pompey

The USA President Donald J Trump has fired his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. He is to be replaced by the current Director of CIA Mike Pompey.
Tillerson just returned from a tour of Africa aimed at strengthening USA Africa relations and economic development. He departed for USA after a very short visit to Nigeria.

Rex Tillerson
You will recall that the relationship between the two men has remained tense for months. According to the Post, Trump and Tillerson have butted heads over major policy issues, including the decision to send more troops to Afghanistan, and small annoyances, like the secretary's habit of not returning Trump's phone calls.

Trump has also been irritated by the fact that Tillerson has advocated for a more traditional approach to foreign policy, the Post reports. The secretary of State, for example, has suggested a more diplomatic approach to North Korea and has voiced support for the U.S. to remain a party to the Iran nuclear deal.

In an unusual move on Wednesday, Tillerson held a news conference, in which he sought to quash reports that his relationship with Trump is on shaky ground.

Before Tillerson was appointed Secretary of State by the Trump administration he was the CEO of Mobil.

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