INEC declares Wike winner of the Rivers Governorship Election

Nyesom Wike of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has been declared winner of the Rivers Governorship Election by the Independent National Election (INEC).

Wike accuses Buhari of Plotting to Blackmail him


▪alerts Nigerians on the arrest of the orderly of Akin Fakorede for armed robbery
GoveenoG Nyesom Wike

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike has alerted Nigerians that the APC Federal Government has contacted a Lebanese who has been directed to claim that he received money from him (Rivers State Governor) to procure arms  for the 2019 elections.

Also, Governor Wike alerted Nigerians on the arrest of the orderly of Rivers State Special Anti-robbery Squad (SARS) Commander, Akin Fakorede and another SARs operative for armed robbery and kidnapping.

Speaking during a Thanksgiving Service in honour of the Chairman of Rivers State Local Government Service Commission, Chief Azubuike Nmerukini on Sunday at the St Thomas Anglican Church, Diobu, Governor Wike said that the APC Federal Government has entered a devious mode where it believes that framing opponents will enhance its political fortunes.

He noted that initially Nigerians thought he was playing politics until Former President Olusegun Obasanjo revealed details of how the desperate APC Federal Government plans to frame him  up.

"The Federal Government has arranged with a Lebanese to say that I told him to buy arms for the purpose of the forthcoming elections.

"I am not close to any Lebanese, let alone give money to anyone to buy arms for elections. We have dutifully served our people and we don't need to purchase arms for elections.

"If elections are held 20, 000 times, we will win because our projects have positively impacted the lives of our people ".

The governor stated that the APC Federal Government is also planning to sponsor crisis in Rivers State ahead of the the 2019 elections, for the state's election to be postponed. He said the target is to use security agencies for rigging purposes.

"They plan to cause so much crisis in the state so that Rivers election is held on a separate date. Their plot will fail . Rivers election will hold same day with that of other states.

Speaking further,  Governor Wike said that most of the kidnappings and armed robbery  in Rivers State are masterminded by SARS operatives under the leadership of Akin Fakorede .

He said that the arrest and detention of the SARS Operatives prove their involvement in criminality against the people of the state.

The governor said that  Sergeant Ndubuisi Okoro, the Police  Orderly of the Rivers State Commander of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, Akin Fakorede has been arrested for armed robbery and kidnapping while  another  member of the Rivers State SARS Commander's team; Sergeant Christopher Abakpa has also been arrested for armed robbery and kidnapping.

Governor Wike declared that he is alerting Nigerians because the  Police High Command will sweep the matter under the carpet.

He said that  the two SARS Operatives run a kidnap and armed robbery gang of eight persons. According to him, the policemen  have confessed to their crime.

He said that the State Government is in possession of the statements made by the arrested operatives who kidnapped one Mrs Eva.

On the thanksgiving service, Governor Wike thanked God for preserving the life of Chief Nmerukini.

Earlier, Chief Azubuike Nmerukini, Chairman of Rivers State Local Government Service Commission, said that he was in church with his family to thank God for surviving a major surgery.

Simeon Nwakaudu,

Special Assistant to the Rivers State Governor, Electronic Media.

10th June,  2018.

white Owl Found in a Chosen Church in Enugu

These are the photos of a beautiful white Owl Found in The LordsL Chosen Church in Enugu State, South East Nigeria.  Surprisingly the church members who
caught tgt Owl a witch.
Owl in Chosen Church Enugu
Below is the account of the Chosen Church member:
Owl in Chosen Church Enugu

The enemies have started submitting.
In our last Friday vigil at Umuida 1 branch under enugu ezike  autonomous group region of enugu state. We prayed against witches and wizards and on Sunday morning today our brother opened the church and saw this evil bird and caught it alive.

Owl in Chosen Church Enugu

Owl in Chosen Church Enugu

However different reactions have trailed his calling of the Owl a witch with many social media users saying that the Owl was not a witch. However tgert alot of mythology surrounding the owl in both Africa and other parts of the world with many seeing it as evil.
What is an Owl:
Owls are birds from the order Strigiformes, which includes about 200 species of mostly solitary and nocturnal birds of prey typified by an upright stance, a large, broad head, binocular vision, binaural hearing, sharp talons, and feathers adapted for silent flight. Exceptions include the diurnal northern hawk-owl and the gregarious burrowing owl.

Mythology of the Owl:
In general, owls are viewed as omens of bad luck, ill health, or death. The belief is widespread even today. Among the Kikuyu of Kenya it was believed that owls were harbingers of death. If one saw an owl or heard its hoot, someone was going to die. The Swahili people of East Africa believe owls bring illness to children, while the Zulu people of South Africa know the owl as the witchdoctors' bird.

Unfounded superstitions such as these threaten the existence of these silent nocturnal hunters. The myths are enforced by horror films and Halloween decorations in which they are linked to haunting night themes and portrayed as symbols of magic and witchcraft or harbingers of death and destruction.

Even their physical appearance can be frightening to the uninformed - children are often afraid of their wide staring eyes and the tufts of feathers which give them the appearance of horned devils.

Ohaneze backs coalition of Biafra Groups; IPOB rejects coalition

Coalition of pro-Biafra groups gets Ohanaeze backing, agrees on restructuring Nigeria for better coexistence.
Pro Biafra Groups in Oba Anambra

According to Sunday Sun Newspaper, a close associate of the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, who is based in London, Dr Chukwuma Egemba, has revealed the next phase of action plans being worked upon by a coalition of pro-Biafra groups to actualize a sovereign state.

According to him, the next phase of the struggle for self-determination would not expose their people to dangerous risks by way of street protests.

Egemba, who noted that such method and tactics were previously deployed by Kanu to create awareness revealed that the coalition of Biafra organizations which met recently at Rojenny, Oba in Anambra State, deliberated on ways to collectively drive the next phase.

He also observed that Kanu’s approach to actualising Biafra has created enmity for the movement globally.
He stated that many Biafra groups, including a faction of IPOB not loyal to Kanu, the Movement for the Actualisation of Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB), Biafra Government in Exile, among others, have embraced the coalition since it first met in Accra, Ghana two years ago.

His words: “We have all been working in our separate ways in different groups and people now know that these groups will not help us in achieving our ultimate goal of realising Biafra.
The co-founder of Radio Biafra, who worked closely with Kanu for over 17 years, also said that members of the Biafra coalition are supporting the Ohanaeze Ndigbo call for the restructuring of Nigeria. In his interview with Sunday Sun after the sit-at-home order by IPOB recently, Egemba said that the era of sit-at-home with people recording economic losses and losing their lives because of Biafra was over.

Presidential Aspirant Donald Duke speaks on Biafra, Nigeria and Restructuring

Presidential Aspirant Donald Duke speaks on Biafra, Nigeria, Buhari's Government and Restructuring.
Presidential Aspirant Donald Duke
Presidential Aspirant Donald Duke

Former Governor of Cross River State, South south Nigeria Donald Duke has declared his interest to run for the office of the President of Nigeria in the 2019 General Elections.

In February 2019, Nigerians will head to the polls again. President Muhammadu Buhari already said that he wants to run for a second term. But there are still a lot of open questions about who will run on the side of the opposition. In an exclusive interview with DW’s Adrian Kriesch, former governor of Cross River State declares his intention to run. He is a member of the major opposition party PDP and the Coalition for Nigeria Movement, but did not want to confirm under which platform he plans to run. He also talks about the "obvious failings" of the Buhari administration and what he thinks about the current Biafra agitations.

When asked questions on Biafra Donald Duke said he doesn't believe in Biafra and that it was a dream for another generation. He stressed that it was inpoimpor to make Nigeria work and work for all.

Also on the issue of restructuring, he admitted it was important to restructure and make the country responsive to changing dynamics in the management of a country.

He also answered questions partaing to TINAPA and why it was not sustained as well as his rice importation business.
He blamed the past administrations in Cross River State for not continuing the TINAPA Project which the interviewer now described as a white elephant project.

He scored PrrsPresi Buhari very low stating that Buhari and his party APC were not prepared for governance. He promised to end gas flaring by converting the gas to industrial energy use, reduce borrowing interest rate to single digits and cretcr jobs.

Yoruba Land has been encircled by Fulani Herdsmen - Dr Hamzat

The Yoruba Land and Nation has been surrounded by Fulani Herdsmen  according to DR. Tunde Hamzat who was a victim of the Fulani Herdsmen kidnap and onslaught and killings in Ekiti State South West, Nigeria.
While narrating his ordeal Doctor Hamzat said that the Fulani Herdsmen numbering about 10 in number and dressed in Nigerian military camouflage opened fire on them on their way to Ado in Ekiti State South West Nigeria killing many passengers and whisking him away after cutting him with a matchet.
While in captivity they spoke in Fulani Language, showed him their guns with Arabic inscription and said they were affiliated to Shekau the Bokoharam leader.
Dr. Hamzat said they forced him to walk up to 5 kilometres every day and surprisingly they had a well organised supply line with extra arms and ammunition. He also recounts that while in captivity, they killed a Nigerian Soldier and striped him of his clothing.
The Fulani Herdsmen also wore bullet proof vests with special type of AK47 automatic weapons.

Biafran Pilot Alves Pereira recounts Biafra-Uli-Sao Tome Operations

Artur Alves Pereira is a Portuguese and the Squadron Leader of the Biafran Airforce during the 1967-1790 Nigeria-Biafra war. Many years after the war the Igbos gave him the title of "Nwanne di na Mba 1 meaning "a brother in a foreign land". Alves Pereira recounts his experience in the first post Colonial war in independent Africa.

Biafra-Uli-Sao Tome Air Operations:

The Biafran war for independence from Nigeria ended 48 years ago (1970), yet the horrors that occurred before and during the civil war linger. So does the idea of Biafra: an independent African state created by Africans, not by a European colonial power drawing the boundaries, a modern state with an efficient and productive democratic government. They seem to have a life of their own. One of the reasons for this was a dramatic humanitarian airlift operated from the remote island of Sao Tome to shuttle food and medical supplies into Biafra for a civilian population being deliberately starved into submission.
Biafra Airforce Squadron Leader Artur Alves Pereira

This is one story by your friend Nwanne di na Mba 1... (Artur Alves Pereira).

As an aviation job, the Biafran Airlift attracted a fraternity of fliers from all over the world.  They were Portuguese, American, Canadian, Scandinavian, and German crews and mechanics. ARCO hired a DC7 Captain from Lapland who used to herd reindeer.  Crews from Iceland were there flying off the equator.  A few men had recently flown with the other big aviation job at the time, Air America in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.  The CIA had conducted a food relief operation in Laos with Air America.  But no one talked about that, much.

Map of Biafra Air Operations and Uli Airport
I liked the Icelandic guys.  They taught me how to pronounce Reykjavik - it took a lot of practice.  When they first arrived and learned that they were to fly over Biafra without navigation lights, they refused.  It was too dangerous.  No one had told them anything about flying without nav lights.  Then someone told them that if they used lights, the Nigerians would shoot at them.  “Oh. Okay.”  And they flew. 

I flew back from Uli with them one night to rest a couple of days in S. Tome.  I was sleeping in the back of the empty plane when I woke up floating in air. Pignatelly drifted a few feet away, suspended face down with his hands crossed in front of his face, elbows up, eyes wide. After several seconds we settled back down.  I imagined that we were plunging into the sea.  The flight engineer opened the cockpit door and peered back at Pignatelly and me to see if we were all right.  When he saw that we were not hurt, he smiled.  “The pilot wanted to make joke on you.” 

Biafra Air Operations
I said, “You mean, he did that on purpose?” 

“Yes! Yes!” nodding with delight.  The pilot had arced the plane up into a ballistic trajectory, and for a brief time we were in freefall, zero G.  Thanks to them I got to experience weightlessness without ever becoming an astronaut.
Sao Tome Airport
In S.Tome we ate and drank at places like the Hotel Salazar, high on a hill overlooking the bay, the town, and the Aerogare.  Most of our daily meals were taken at Senhor Costa’s, where we also rented our rooms.  There were afternoon snacks at the Baia where they served Cuca a Copo, a Portuguese beer, and sausicha, which was something like a hot dog.  From the Baia we could look across the bay and watch planes landing. For more formal meals we dined at the CafĂ© Yong.
Holy Ghost Fathers and Caritas on Biafra Operations

Few days later we returned to Uli, this time with the Portuguese Cap Manuel Reis. The bombs didn’t fall at every landing, but often enough... We use to say.